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Regarding worldwide release of “Takechan -drawing song exercise-“


    The popular Manalulu character “Take-chan” and his friends released their debut song as “Takechan and Kinoko Family”, which was distributed worldwide on 11th November, 2020.


    The title is “Takechan -drawing song exercise-“, and it is a fun drawing song. It was also featured in a sports newspaper.


    “Takechan -drawing song exercise-” by Takechan and Kinoko family” can be accessed and trial listened to using the QR code below.


    [Manga artist] Ms. Britney Hamada

    In 2006, she made her debut as a manga artist with “Hyperlink Detective Rinka” published in “Big Comic Spirits Casual” by Shogakukan. After that, “Pagal!” which was serialized in “Big Comic Spirits” in 2007 became so popular that her life consultation was also serialized in the same magazine. At the same time, she was widely featured in the media as a “homeless gal manga artist” who stayed at manga cafes or karaoke boxes without settling down. While running a studio and appearing on a TV programs, she holds manga classes as an instructor. She is active not only in Japan but also in eight countries around the world such as Milan, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, etc.