Introducing four cell Manga of Japanese manners and rules with multiple languages. ManaLulu


Manalulu is a media that focuses on tourismin Japan. It introduces tourists information, manners and rules by four-cell comics.


“Hope all people share the time with a smile”

Along with the recent increase in the number of foreign visitors to Japan,multi-languages tourism information has increased in Japan,and also preparation for acceptance and guidance has expanded.


Even so, we both sometimes feel uncomfortable because of cultural differences.


Our vision is to provide information to help all the people to deepen their understanding of Japanese cultures and customs, and also tourist spots where exist throughout Japan.We are wishing all the people will be able to make memorable time and meet new people with full of smiles.


We promote Japanese cultures, customs, and attractive tourist spots for Japanese and foreign visitors with simple manga and multi-languages.

He graduated top of the class from Hitsuji University and ancestrally King’s family’s butler in the Kome Kingdom. His missions are supporting a little bit selfish King’s family and others, and passionate coaching.

mana’s colleagues.
Originally she is a famous cooking expert but mana invited her to a butler of the Kome Kingdom.
She is not really good at cleaning and doing the laundry, but she is into “the food” and it’s sometime too much for.