Introducing four cell Manga of Japanese manners and rules with multiple languages. ManaLulu


Main characters who don’t know Japanese manners and rules will travel around Japan. Butler mana always punches (teaches) them how to follow Japanese manners and rules. To tell the truth, he just wants them to feel comfortable while they are here. The manga set in Japan!

The Kome Kingdom
  • Komemaru

    The Prince of the Kome Kingdom. He can get bought everything what he wants, and he’s never been scolded by papa. A little bit selfish, but very energetic and active boy who also has many friends. Apparently, he has never been sick.

    Name Komemaru
    Race Kome tribe
    Birthday August 18
    Birthplace Kome kingdom
    Living place Kome denentoshi
    Favorite food Seasoned nori, Rice with a raw egg
    Hobby Bass fishing at Lake Ine
  • Chubei

    A naturally genius boy. He does understand all languages and has nothing he cannot do so far. His favorite saying is “It’s always darkest before the dawn.”, “The sun shines upon all alike.” and “Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today”. He calmly understands his own position (child) and plays acting childish. A little bird told us he can use super powers because he is a new species of rice……?

    Name Chubei
    Race Kome tribe
    Birthday January 29
    Birthplace Kome kingdom
    Living place Kome denentoshi
    Favorite food Organic foods
    Hobby Pupuruna cultivation
  • Komepapa

    The King of the Kome Kingdom. He is easygoing, kind, and surprisingly talented guy who has won two “Rice Harvesting Marathon” gold medals at the Komelynpics. He is also curious and challenging, but he get bored easily and shallow. Sometime, he annoys others because of his incorrect knowledge.

    Name Komepapa
    Race Kome tribe
    Birthday October 28
    Birthplace Kome kingdom
    Living place Kome denentoshi
    Favorite food Potato, Potato chips
    Hobby Game app (Komekoku Forest)
  • Komemama

    A former top star of the Kome Revue (Kouji Troupe). She left from there when she got married with Komepapa. She’s always been sensitive to current fashion, and her Kometter has over 5 million followers. She is usually relaxed woman, but sometime she bothers her family when she finds new products or limited items.

    Name Komemama
    Race Kome tribe
    Birthday November 13
    Birthplace United state of Kinoko
    Living place Kome denentoshi
    Favorite food Natto, Sushi sandwich
    Hobby Shopping at a department store
United state of Kinoko
  • Takechan

    A fragile college school student who aims to be a manga artist. Too much pride is his only fault. He is training as an assistant at 〇〇 manga artist. He loves traveling and sightseeing, so that he spends most of his salary for that. His dream is to make children in the world smile by his manga.

    Name Kinoko tribe
    Race Kinoko tribe
    Birthday May 29
    Birthplace United state of Kinoko
    Living place Akamatsu hills
    Favorite food Strawberry mochi
    Hobby Drawing Manga with a LCD writing tablet
  • Matsuko-san

    She loves Japanese animation, make up and fashion. Also she is into her skincare. She wants to improve her language skills and to get high femininity, but she is a kind of woman that gives in to handsome guys and romantic guys. Takechan’s girlfriend.

    Name Matsuko-san
    Race Kinoko tribe
    Birthday September 14
    Birthplace United state of Kinoko
    Living place Housing complex Kinshi
    Favorite food Strawberry whipped cream
    Hobby Forest bathing
Principality of Makiba
  • Mana

    He graduated top of the class from Hitsuji University and ancestrally King’s family’s butler in the Kome Kingdom. His missions are supporting a little bit selfish King’s family and others, and passionate coaching.

    Name mana
    Race Sheep
    Birthday July 9
    Birthplace Principality of Makiba
    Living place Bokusogaoka
    Favorite food Banana juice
    Hobby Travelling, Reading, Taking pictures
  • Lulu

    mana’s colleagues. Originally she is a famous cooking expert but mana invited her to a butler of the Kome Kingdom. She is not really good at cleaning and doing the laundry, but she is into “the food” and it’s sometime too much for mana. Her dream is creating delicious food and to open her own shop.

    Name Lulu
    Race Sheep
    Birthday March 6
    Birthplace Principality of Makiba
    Living place Makiba city
    Favorite food Hamburg steak with Mushroom demi-glace sauce
    Hobby Cooking (professional)